Marching Band: Introducing the Big Red Band.

Another aspect of percussion is Marching Band. Marching band brings a very exciting aspect to any sports event in high school or in college. May it be playing the fight song during a critical point in a football game, the schools song when they score a 3 point shot at a basketball game or just a famous pop song to get the crowd pumped during the halftime performance!

The Big Red Marching Band here at Western Kentucky University brings life to every event on campus. Coming to existence in 1925 with only 20 members, the Big Red Band has now grown to over 200 students! A marching band student’s life consists of playing at festivals, sports events, and parades.

And don’t forget, next time you’re at any sporting event and hear the marching band, don’t be shy, stand up and cheer for they represent your schools spirit at its finest.

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The “WKU Fight Song”

Stand up and cheer

Stand up and cheer

For dear old Western

For today we raise

The red and white

Above the rest


Our boys are fighting

And we’re bound to win the fray

We’ve got the team

We’ve got the steam

For this is dear old Western’s day.


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