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Product Review: The Roland V Drums

In the world of music more and more instruments are switching to an electronic feel. The Roland V Drums is a great example of this. The V Drums is a next generation drum module, the first of its kind in digital signal processing technology. The realistic feel of the drum pads and cymbals have truly come a long way.

When I first bought my Roland drum set one year ago it was definitely very slick looking. The kit came with 2 cymbals, one hi hat pad, a mesh snare, 3 tom pads, a hi hat foot pedal, and a bass drum pad. All this could be easily placed on the Roland rack that it came with. The kit when set up looks like any regular electric drum set. The size of this kit is very small, which is nice if you have issues with room in your house. The snare was very nice looking, having a white mesh skin. This made it look more like a real snare head you hit, with a similar feel.

The Module for any electric drum kit is the brain of the drum set. No matter what pads you have, the sound comes from this brain here. This means you can buy a very cheap electric drum kit, but with an upgrade to the TD-6 module, you will get the same sounds. The TD-6 module is actually very powerful considering the amount of buttons it has.

Whats unique about an electric drum set is that for each tom and snare, you can adjust the width and depth of the shell of the drum. This means you can change the pitch and tone of your birch snare by changing the dimensions on the module. A great feature for personalizing your sounds. The TD-6 comes equipped with all the basic features of any V-drum set, a metronome, preset beats, songs, fills, and other patterns for teaching.


An interview with a Drummer.

Drumming is a story that goes back to the time of the apes. At one point when the first monkey was drumming on his chest he did it to communicate something. There is a theory that humans started to communicate with speech the same time people started to play the drums. The first drum rhythm was a assimilation of speech patterns. Drumming was used with different cultures to communicate with far away entities. Today we communicate with a fellow drummer who tells us how his life story of drums has changed him to become the percussionist he is today.

Drummers who inspire me.

If I ever wanted to learn something new I would always watch people first then repeat what they had done. When learning to play the drums I used this same method. While learning these new things I had always looked up to many drummers. I watched how they would play and mimic what they did. After watching others play and acquiring new information for 8 years, I had decided who the drummers that inspire me the most are.

First, I start off with the well-known Luke Holland from the wonderful world of YouTube, where overnight you can become famous around the world. Luke is a drummer that has inspired me because of how talented he is at such a young age. After finding Luke in late 2010, I have watched Luke grow in his talent of drumming, posting his drum covers to YouTube. After posting a remix of Cinema, a famous song by Skrillex, Luke’s video has had over 2 million views and is growing rapidly! Luke continues to post drum covers til this day, and even producing videos that have millions of views! Luke has taught me that if you put anything to hard-work you become a master at any age.

Next we have is Thomas Pridgen from the band The Mars Volta. When Thomas Pridgen plays his drum set it looks like nothing can stop him.  Thomas Pridgen LOVES to play drums. A quote Thomas Pridgen once said, “The best reason to play drums is just to play drums.” I take a look at this and realize that when I play the drums I don’t play to be flashy. I play the drums because it’s my life, I live and breath music. Thomas Pridgen has taught me that when playing the drums you always need a little love and passion.

 Lastly the most influential drummer that has inspired me the greatest is professional drum set player Jo Jo Mayer. Whenever Jo Jo Mayer talks about drums he always sounds like a scientist that has studied the art of drumming for 50 years. Jo Jo Mayer knows every little thing about percussion possible. This is what makes me like Jo Jo Mayer the most, his knowledge about drumming, the history of percussion, importance on technique and playing style is very important and which I take to heart very seriously. Jo Jo Mayer always steps out of his comfort zone playing new genres of music learning what it takes to be the best. Jo Jo Mayer has taught me that when playing the drums always approach them with technique and that playing outside of the box can improve your technique incredibly.