Product Review: The Roland V Drums

In the world of music more and more instruments are switching to an electronic feel. The Roland V Drums is a great example of this. The V Drums is a next generation drum module, the first of its kind in digital signal processing technology. The realistic feel of the drum pads and cymbals have truly come a long way.

When I first bought my Roland drum set one year ago it was definitely very slick looking. The kit came with 2 cymbals, one hi hat pad, a mesh snare, 3 tom pads, a hi hat foot pedal, and a bass drum pad. All this could be easily placed on the Roland rack that it came with. The kit when set up looks like any regular electric drum set. The size of this kit is very small, which is nice if you have issues with room in your house. The snare was very nice looking, having a white mesh skin. This made it look more like a real snare head you hit, with a similar feel.

The Module for any electric drum kit is the brain of the drum set. No matter what pads you have, the sound comes from this brain here. This means you can buy a very cheap electric drum kit, but with an upgrade to the TD-6 module, you will get the same sounds. The TD-6 module is actually very powerful considering the amount of buttons it has.

Whats unique about an electric drum set is that for each tom and snare, you can adjust the width and depth of the shell of the drum. This means you can change the pitch and tone of your birch snare by changing the dimensions on the module. A great feature for personalizing your sounds. The TD-6 comes equipped with all the basic features of any V-drum set, a metronome, preset beats, songs, fills, and other patterns for teaching.


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