Different types of Percussion Instruments.

First we start off we a vibraslap, a vibraslap is a percussion instrument made of a stiff wire bent in a U shape connecting to a small wooden ball to a hollow wooden box with metal pins. The percussionist would hold the metal wire handle and strike the ball against their other hand.The wooden box acts as a resonating body for the metal pins making a rattling sound.

Next we have the cajón, the cajón is a box shaped percussion instrument originally from Peru, for playing the cajón the percussionist would slap his/her hand on the front face making a deep wooden sound.

Last we have the glockenspiel, the glockenspiel is a percussion instrument consisting of a set of tuned keys arranged in order as a piano. The glockenspiel is made of metal bars or tubes. The glockenspiel is usually smaller and higher pitched than a Xylophone.


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