Periphery and Djent Music.

Periphery is a heavy metal djent band from Baltimore, Maryland. Djent is a heavy metal movement that was developed as a spin-off of progressive metal. In djent music the predominant sound is the drum track. The band is consisted of only four members, Misha Mansoor, Matt Halpern, Spencer Sotelo, and Adam Getgood. Matt Halpern, the drummer, is widely known in the drum community for his progressive, rhythmic, and technical polyrhythms. A polyrhyhm is the simultaneous use of two or more conflicting rhythms in the same measure. Matt Halpern and Periphery have been major influences on my drumming career with their complex use of polyrhythms and melodies. If you have a chance you should check out the video below to fully understand the craftsmanship of the band Periphery.

Matt Halpern Explains Polyrhytms


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