Your Drum Instructor

 Greetings, and welcome to Woodensticks.

My name is Aaron Keyser and I have been a passionate percussionist for 8 years. My drumming career started in the 6th grade elementary school concert band playing the snare drum, moving to the middle school concert band I started playing more percussion instruments including the timpani, marimba, xylophone, and the concert bass drum. Evolving to high school I played in the Greenwood High School Marching Band, Symphonic Band and Indoor percussion. My first year in the Marching Band playing the Bass drum then stepping up toward the Tenor drums. After my 6 years of concert percussion and 4 years of Marching Percussion I then switched to the Drum set and have been playing for 2 years. For my whole life I have been making loud noises. Drumming on everything and with anything I could grab my hands on. I created this website to educate and inform the many aspects of Percussion.

Aaron & Jake play quads for the 2011 Greenwood High school Indoor Percussion.

Makin’ sweet grooves..


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